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People centered and inclusive of young professionals and the essential work force


Tasha’s story

My struggle is Greenburgh's struggle. Currently we are experiencing a migration of 25-35 year olds, who like me when I was that age had to leave the Town they grew up in because it is unaffordable to live in.  

For a time in my life, I lived in Public Housing in Tarrytown while I struggled to put my daughter through college.  I was fortunate enough to pay for her education, because I lived in subsidized housing.  Without public housing, I could not afford to stay in Greenburgh as a college educated, young professional raising a family.  Putting my daughter through college was one of my proudest moments, but I was priced out of my beloved hometown.  This is the story of the Greenburgh migration of young professionals: people in their prime working years who grew up here, were educated in our schools- who can not afford to live and thrive in their own hometown.   

Affordable housing means giving people the respect and dignity they deserve by providing rental and homeownership opportunities they can afford. Affordable housing is also workforce development because it attracts the workers that new and existing industries need, allowing us to retain businesses, and thus providing a healthy tax base. We can kickstart this virtuous cycle of prosperity by proactively assessing needs and negotiate with developers to obtain more affordable units, open space, day cares, arts facilities and more. We must stop the practice of letting developers obtain permits and zoning variances without regard to community voices. This is the work I have done in Brooklyn and I am passionate about bringing my talent to my hometown. 

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