Statement Regarding The Uprooting of the Black Lives Matter Sign on Knollwood Road

We, as a community, are exhausted at having to fight the feelings of terror that arise when we do not feel safe or protected. Those of us who are black have lived with this terror since arriving at the shores of the Americas, throughout the Civil War and Reconstruction, throughout Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement and now during the Movement to protect black lives. We are tired of being tired.

I have yet to figure out how to explain to my 5-year-old granddaughter that she will be treated differently because she exists.  I do not know how to normalize the fact that people refuse to see their own neighbors as equal to themselves, as human beings who pay taxes, have families, and expect public employees to protect them and work for them also.  

Yet we, as a multiracial community strive to create equitable treatment in all corners of this world, country, state, county, and town. I commend those in the Town who have decided that we all must unite against hate, including those in government and law enforcement. Thank you.

I applaud the efforts of the citizen activists, and all who stand united against hate in all of its forms.  The identity of saying or displaying Black lives matter in word or sign or tee shirt is directly correlated to the protection of black lives. It is a statement indicating to neighbor upon neighbor that I care about your life; I care about how you are treated; I care about how law enforcement entities interact with you; and most of all, I know there are differences in how black people are treated and how white people are treated, and I want to see that changed to all people being treated the same.  I care about you because you matter as much as I do. 

When a sign is uprooted, yes, it is a juvenile act and quite unfortunate, but questions must be asked: What do we tell our children when they ask why the sign was uprooted?  And, what are we going to do to ensure all of Greenburgh’s residents feel safe?

What we hope for, what the community in Greenburgh wants, is protection and response to  incidents that threaten the safety and well-being of its residents.  I sincerely hope all entities in charge of public safety take this act seriously and govern themselves accordingly. I want safety for my grandchild and all of my neighbors, equally.

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  • Tasha Young
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