Covid Recovery

As we emerge from the pandemic, we find our communities drained of their savings, and we see many empty storefronts.  We need nimble action to prevent a long term  downward spiral. We already have resources to help us and we just need to use them and coordinate them to ensure that our residents and businesses are covered equitably. 


  • The difficulty in getting Covid vaccines into the arms of senior and low income residents highlights the weakness in our municipal systems.  We must plan proactively for equitable distribution of and access to healthcare for all residents of Greenburgh.  Existing health care centers, such as Greenburgh Health Center, should automatically have been utilized and been given the resources they need to care for the hardest to reach populations.

  • Another weakness that became evident was the digital divide among our residents.  During the recovery and beyond, remote access to study and work will remain vital. The digital divide must be remedied as soon as possible (see our Smart Development plan) so that our workers and students who live here don’t fall further behind.  

  • We must begin working with the Town, Village, and Westchester County agencies to outreach to families  and check on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • We will support families with loved ones in nursing homes.

  • We will work with the mayors to support small businesses, both in the town and the villages, identifying their needs, as well as every resource to assist them.

  • We must equip our small businesses with the help they need to apply for federal Covid grants, so they can remain safe, compliant, and open.

  • We must make sure Main Street is highlighted at Town Hall, with a strong and assertive “buy local” campaign to get us through Covid-19's economic impact.


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