Every day is Earth Day

Dear friends,

I hope you have been  enjoying a beautiful Earth Day weekend!

I love the earth and try my best to support policies that protect the earth. 

The time horizon for halting or reversing devastating climate change is closing. At this point, we need to go BEYOND small individual actions if we are to have a hope. 

Meatless Monday, carpooling,  composting, and other individual actions, are good and necessary, but the most effective changes happen at the institutional or governmental level.  This requires leaders who listen to the science and make changes of the necessary size.

I have emphasized time and time again about how we must get our beloved Town off of Fossil fuel dependency.  Fossil fuel heating and gas are major contributors to climate change and environmental destruction, and we MUST invest in and require renewable energy replacements.

Earth Day chalk event


Yesterday, Team Tasha stood strong with the Sunrise Movement Westchester Hub, and Food and Water Watch, to say No! to the application by Danskammer Energy for a rebuilt fracked-gas power plant in Newburgh.  Increasing the use of fracked gas is a step in the wrong direction, especially given the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act’s target to meet zero emissions by 2050.

Moving to clean renewable energy is possible not only by working with the state and federal government on infrastructure initiatives, but also by requiring new development to provide the greatest benefit to the Town. We can incentivize new developments to use renewable energy power like wind, tidal, and solar.

In Greenburgh, I am the candidate who would learn from and educate the community about ways we can generate power while considering the public interest over private profit, such as buying our power from public utilities like NYPA (the New York Power Authority).

In Greenburgh, I am the candidate who will create a Town government that supports land use policies that integrate the needs of working families with our needs to support green industries and environmental justice.

In Greenburgh, I am the candidate who will make real changes that will meaningfully reduce our community’s carbon footprint, not just nibble around the edges.

Please go to votetasha.com/sustainability to learn more about the sound and judicious environmental policy, based on data and science, that I will create if elected to be the next Supervisor in the Town of Greenburgh.

Earth Day is every day!

Tasha D. Young

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