Fiscal Discipline

Let's end the 20th century unfair and uneven tax burden on our residents; let's pursue public private funding partnerships, intergovernmental contracts,  build the commercial tax base, expand philanthropy and work with surrounding area Enterprise Zones to attract more funding to the Town through development partnerships with the County-- for example, with the neighboring Town of  Mt. Pleasant-- these are just some of my Day-One-Ready policy initiatives.”

The problem: The Town of Greenburgh has suffered millions of dollars of waste that come from a lack of long-term planning.  For instance, we have been redoing sidewalks piecemeal rather than from a needs assessment-based long-term plan, and failed to solicit grants and funding from county, state and federal allocations.  We also have suffered waste from the numerous, preventable lawsuits against the town (close to $30 million including the recent $14 million lost in the Dromore lawsuit.)

To eliminate this waste, 

  • My campaign has already begun combing through the town budgets identifying fiscal discrepancies and a need for an independent procurement analysis.

  • We will require land use decisions to provide revenue or in-kind resources to bolster and support the Town’s budget allocation and service provisions, wherever the law allows.  

  • Instead of paying for expensive consultants from the Town’s revenue which is highly dependent on the residential tax base, as is currently the case, we should take advantage of workforce development funding from Federal, state and County partnerships, and economic development grants.

  • Our budget and land use decisions should reflect our values of honesty, integrity and transparency. An open development process which includes community participation at a minimum of 90 days prior to the board’s public discussions, takes resident and business concerns sensitively into account and will do much to prevent the conflicts that lead to lawsuits. 

  • My experience with managing New York City constituent services using software, positions me to streamline the way Greenburgh responds to your needs. These systems have been available for decades, yet this 30 year incumbent just implemented them due to my campaign and campaign promise of providing modern software to the Town.  Residents should not have had to rely  on a personal connection with a single person to get work done. Savings will accrue by bundling work, freeing up time for regular, planned maintenance. I will lead this election and once elected I will lead this Town by being innovative and proactive with technology, inclusion, diversity, and transparency.


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