Greenburgh must ban stores that support puppy mills

Greenburgh should not be in the business of capitalizing off the pain of young puppies and kittens Ban stores that sell pets from puppy mills in Greenburghcrying alone in cages, while their parents are forced to breed litter after litter, in puppy mills and kitten factories. 


This is a consequence of the current Supervisor’s management style.  17 months ago, when the Town of Greenburgh held public hearings on puppy mills, Supervisor Paul Feiner gave the appearance of wanting to do something about the issue, but instead, the ban on puppy mills was postponed and tabled.  For three years people have told the Greenburgh Town Board and Town Supervisor Feiner about complaints from residents who received sick dogs and residents who hear the dogs crying in the store, a sound of pain that is like nails on a chalkboard and he wants to solve this, but then he also hears complaints from the owner of the store and a few other pet store owners and he simply can't choose whose complaint to listen to, or whose is more important! And he can’t decide. So rather than make the hard but right decision, he kicks the can down the road, and then we must deal with the problem multiple times… and meanwhile the animals are hurt.  


woman holding sign asking to support bill to ban animal abuse in Greenburgh NY 2021

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