"Thirty years of the incumbent is enough. I am running to create a more transparent, inclusive, accountable, and responsive town government. Greenburgh, it's time for change."

I have a vision for smart economic development in our town that will ensure housing and jobs for growing families and essential workers. I am committed to putting the green back in Greenburgh and make it a model for environmental innovation, but more than that, Greenburgh can be a leader for equitable sustainability.

Fiscal discipline will bring savings to our budget, and new industries will provide revenue to the Town by bolstering the commercial tax base, and reducing the tax burden on residents. Prioritizing equity and sustainability during residential and commercial development will be the standard and key to sustainable economic growth in the Town of Greenburgh. 

"A rising tide lifts all boats."

Fiscal Discipline Smart Development Sustainability
Public Safety For All Affordable Housing Covid Recovery


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