Mental Health Crisis Team In Westchester Now Provides 24/7 Services

Effective immediately the St John's Medical Center -St. Vincent's Crisis Prevention and Response Team have expanded it's mobile services to include Sundays!

The Crisis Prevention Response Team will now provide 24 hour telephone responses to those in need, and 24 hour walk-in evaluations at St. Vincent's Hospital in Harrison. 

Who is the Crisis Prevention Response Team?

The CPRT is a team of mental health professionals some of which are Spanish speaking. The group of unsung heroes not only visit people in their homes, but they also take the time to meet with people at other community locations, and their hospitals: Saint Joseph's Hospital in Yonkers and St. Vincent's in Harrison.

Who does the Crisis Prevention Response Team Serve?

Any Westchester County resident of age or those who work or attend school in Westchester County are encouraged to take advantage of these services. The team is set to help those that are going through or at risk of a mental breakdown, having mental health symptoms, and/or having behavioral problems.

Services are available to children of all ages, adults and seniors. Anyone can call for themselves, or recommend others.

What does the Crisis Prevention Response Team do?

The CPRT assess the situation through a mental health evaluation, and then they provide crisis intervention, supportive counseling, information and referrals for ongoing treatment. 

The team's goals are to help people avoid crises, hospitalizations and emergency room visits. CPRT connects people to services that are suitable to their specific needs and goals. Some of the services that they offer are mental health clinics and community service. 


Call (914) 925-5959 for help.

Saint Joseph's Medical Center in Yonkers St Vincent's Hospital Westchester

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