Mother's Day Greetings from a mom-led campaign

"I'm Nancy Pelosi, but my grandchildren call me Mimi. For me politics is an extension of my role as a other and a grandmother.  For the Democratic women of the House, our work is not about the election but rather the next generation." 

 Tasha and the kids

Happy Mother's Day to you,

I hope you enjoy your special day with your loved ones and with memories of loved ones. I have often scratched my head and sometimes disagreed with the Speaker but one thing is for sure she knows LEADERSHIP. She knows people, and she is tough. Kudos Madame Speaker, you are a wonder to behold.

Because of her, I can. It is not lost on me that many, many women have paved the way for me and other women to run for office. Moms in office is a phenomenon that has happened in my lifetime, and now here I am, running.

I certainly never thought this would be my trajectory: I started my family young, completely inexperienced in life, similar to Speaker Pelosi. I remember the fear of hiccups, when my daughter Yakira wouldn't stop and I almost took her to the hospital, because I was so worried.  I know the feeling of my body, my own milk providing all of the sustenance she needed, or listening to her flush the toilet, saying in my mind 'I taught her that'.

Tasha and Yakira

I remember staying up all night to watch over her when she was sick. That first day of school and the sinking heart feeling of 'is she going to be alright?'. I remember making meals of spaghetti, and sometimes cereal, or tuna for dinner, boy oh boy, what times we had. Kudos to all moms from all walks of life; we make miracles happen.  I am a great cook now as a grandmother, early mother meals were quite different.

It all repeats with my granddaughter and the pride of watching my daughter mother and watch over, teach, correct, nurture, and love.  I practically moved in when my granddaughter was born, much to Monroe's father's dismay, who is like a son to me. I put myself through college two times, and my daughter once, all while mothering, and working two jobs.

Those years of time management, people management, ingenuity, toughness, creativity, being gracious, being firm, listening, correcting, protecting, advocating, fighting, and yes, crying, make me the woman I am today, and I didn't know it then, but I know now, like the Speaker, being a mom and 'mama' (as in big mama), that Monroe calls me has prepared me to LEAD.

We need more moms in office.  We need a mom to solidify Greenburgh as the vast and diverse Town that it is. We need a mom to manage the many challenges in a way that they do not come back to bite us because the solution wasn't well thought out, or planned.  We need nimbleness of a mother, and a mama, to pivot in the face of challenges big and small, like the COVID-19 pandemic, or the need for a better procurement process.  We need a Young (as in Tasha D. Young) administration to transform us from 1991 when the Incumbent was first elected to Greenburgh Supervisor, into a 21st century municipality, and who knows more about transforming than mothers.

So again, to all the mothers, we have strength and abilities we never knew we had, and we keep gaining more and more because we keep giving to our families and communities. We belong at every table decisions are made. Let us prove our power by electing a mom as Supervisor.

Enjoy your special day moms, and mother figures!


here is a wonderful article on Nancy Pelosi and mothering 

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