Myth Busting

 Inconvenient Truths about Tasha D. Young

Democratic Candidate for Town Supervisor of Greenburgh

Opponents have said many things about me, and I will answer these myths directly:

Myth #1: You may have heard the accusation that Tasha is a transplant.

⚠️That is false. I have lived in Greenburgh for 38 of my 49 years. I grew up in Northern Elmsford, where my family has lived since 1946. I am a proud graduate of Alexander Hamilton High School, where I was a state champion in cheerleading; my photo is in the trophy case. I have lived in Tarrytown for approximately six years, five of which were in Greenburgh housing, which is why the Town’s displacement of our most vulnerable residents in Greenburgh housing during the pandemic is personal to me. I lived in Brooklyn for under two years to be near my work. 

Lack of affordable housing and high taxes are reasons why some lifelong residents of all ages have had to move out of Greenburgh against their wishes. If elected, I will implement an aggressive plan for business development and Enterprise Zones, along with affordable housing for our essential and professional workers, so that companies know they can hire local. We’ll create meaningful scalable on-ramp jobs training for new workers and those shifting careers.



Myth #2: You may hear accusations that Tasha is not qualified.

⚠️ That is false.  I am a seasoned professional who is qualified on multiple levels to manage the Town. Greenburgh’s highly sophisticated population of professionals understand completely when I talk about SWOT analysis, forensic accounting, strategic management and 360 degree feedback loops. I am also a social worker and have 15 years of experience in crisis management, bringing stakeholders together to solve difficult problems. My decades of professional work in leadership and budget management right here in Greenburgh have been at Abbott House, the North American Family Institute, Today's Students Tomorrow’s Teachers, and Theodore D. Young Community Center, as well as executive leadership at My Sister’s Place, and culminating in Chief of Staff and Director of Land Use and Policy for NYC Council Majority Leader Laurie A. Cumbo. I am also on the adjunct faculty at the NYU Silver School of Social Work, where I lecture on Public Policy.

 Furthermore, when the current Supervisor ran for this position in 1991, his sole prior management experience  was his two years as County Legislator, and he was unproductive there as he passed no legislation. We need a manager who will create scalable operations, and who can properly negotiate with contractors because she has done the research. The taxpayer should not be forced to pay for unnecessary or substandard systems.

Greenburgh needs a Supervisor who cuts wasteful spending on private contractors at all opportunities, by  partnering with the state and federal government in some cases for the same technical assistance. Greenburgh needs a manager with a multi disciplinary background. For times like the ones we are living in, Greenburgh also needs a Supervisor who stands up against hate at all opportunities, to substantiate the zero tolerance policy that is, for now, optional under the current Supervisor.


Myth #3: You may hear the accusation that Tasha has not attended Town Board meetings. 

⚠️ In fact, I am not a novice to activism and politics. I also have been deeply engaged in serving the Greenburgh community.  I was a leader at my local church, and as President of the Missions ministry for over a decade, I led community service by revitalizing prison outreach and connecting the food insecure to meals and services, writing grants, working to integrate foster children into society and successfully advocating for progressive policies on paid sick leave and women’s reproductive health. I also advocated for paid sick leave with local Union leaders and activists, and passed or wrote many many other pieces of legislation. 

Through the years, I attended Town Board meetings, listening to resident after resident advocate for another supermarket, but seeing their pleas fall on deaf ears. Five years ago when I became aware of the Greenburgh Housing Authority issue, I went into residents' homes, prayed with them, took care of them if needed, and counseled them. More recently, I also met with many community leaders regarding the elderly or disabled residents of Greenburgh Housing Authority (many were my friends, teachers, and missionaries) who were displaced during the pandemic.

Moreover, when I saw that my community at the Greenburgh Housing Authority was facing displacement during the pandemic, I attended and spoke in their defense at multiple Town Board Meetings, and now I want to use my land use and policy skills to benefit all residents. Now that my daughter is grown and raising my beautiful granddaughter in Tarrytown, I am in the fortunate position to have the time and experience to bring my skills to the role of Supervisor. When the current Supervisor reads my resume, he does not see my life’s work as valid experience.  That is something that many women face, and I am not afraid to say: you are wrong.


Myth or Fact #4: Tasha has support from outside Greenburgh

✅ This is true! I have terrific support and volunteers from inside Greenburgh, unincorporated regions and the Villages.  In fact, my first fundraiser, held via Zoom on March 15, was hosted and attended by old friends from my days at Hamilton High.  Friends from all of periods of my life, as well as new supporters in Greenburgh who want a change in leadership, stepped forward and have helped me get to the point where I may be the most serious challenger that the incumbent has had in his 30 years in office. I am so grateful for the love and confidence they have placed in me.

But in addition, my advocacy work for progressive policies over the years has led to meaningful relationships and support from our neighbors at Indivisible New Rochelle, Indivisible Westchester, and Indivisible CD17 (Congressional District 17, of which Hastings and Edgemont are a part). I am a member of the Westchester Women’s Agenda, the Westchester Anti-Racist alliance, and the Westchester Black Women’s Political Caucus.

I also have strong relationships with many elected officials at the Federal and NYS levels. NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi endorsed me because we worked together to change the state legislature by toppling the IDC, placing the current super majority leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins in her rightful place. If I am elected Supervisor, that means Greenburgh will have a seat at the table with partners in government through the strong relationships and trust I have garnered over the years. I am proud of these earned relationships and grateful for their current support.



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