National Association of Social Workers - New York State chapter (NASW-NYS) endorses Tasha

A beautiful letter of endorsement from NASW-NYS (PACE) to Tasha D. Young, MSW.

Ms. Young:

Thank you for screening with the Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) committee, the
political arm of the National Association of Social Workers - New York State chapter (NASW-NYS).
NASW-NYS is a membership organization of professional social workers. With over 6,000 members,
we are one of the largest chapters in the United States.


NASW-NYS PACE is pleased to endorse your candidacy for Town Supervisor for Greenburgh Town.
We are impressed with your commitment to social justice causes.

To advance the legislative priorities of social workers and the communities we serve, we are eager to
work with you to address critical issues, including protecting civil rights, voting rights, and ensuring
access to services for the clients we serve. We will encourage our members to be involved in your
campaign and hope that you will count on social workers as volunteers and experts on policy issues.
Please include NASW-NYS PACE in campaign materials listing endorsements. A copy of our logo is
attached for your convenience. We wish you the best of luck in your campaign and encourage you to
contact us at [email protected]


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