Our Need Is Now

In the pandemic, we have seen the cost of neglecting the fractures and inequalities in our society.


The Digital Divide in Greenburgh meant that not all students could easily access their remote schooling and not all residents could easily access appointments for Covid tests and vaccines.

The Healthcare Divide led to poorer outcomes and higher mortalities among residents infected with Covid-19.

The lack of decent affordable housing separated local families who could not afford to live near one another and support one another in the community where they grew up.

Public safety was prioritized for some but not all people, some but not all neighborhoods.

Careless economic development and land use meant that good jobs were unavailable in some neighborhoods, lowering the tax base and costing everyone money.

Wasteful lawsuits and opaque public spending took public money out of Greenburgh, so that it was unavailable during our time of crisis.

Proactive planning by town government could have prevented or reduced the impact of these issues.

And there are major issues on the horizon if governments large and small do not act now.

The people of Greenburgh cannot afford to wait two years longer for the town government to catch up to the times. We've given the current Supervisor 30 years already.

The way it has always been is not the way it must always be.

Change is possible...

With your help.

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