Public Safety For All

Public safety is the role of the entire community and must be framed as such if we want power to be shared with the people. Without bringing the entire community into how public safety is re-imagined and without utilizing our resources properly throughout the Town, county and the state, we are missing the mark.

In 2021, our society finally begins to understand that public safety means safety for ALL people, regardless of who they are.  We in government have the responsibility to respond to harassment and abuse, and to ensure that no Greenburgh resident lives in fear.

Likewise, we have a duty to make sure that all communities, especially those historically profiled because of race, religion, or citizenship status, are treated equally by the law.  Those communities who are historically neglected must also be protected from traffic or other accidents by proactive zoning, maintenance and traffic management.Tasha standing with AAPI

Here's our plan:

  •  We will ensure access and communication. We will develop an outreach plan for our residents in all necessary languages and mediums, to make sure that they are aware of the resources at their disposal, such as the District Attorney and Human Rights Commission hotlines. And, we will bring them into discussions of how to re-form our procedures.

  • We will work with expert advisors.  It is the Town’s responsibility to incorporate information from the  EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and to consult with the non-profit organizations that do this work, such as Hope’s Door, My Sister’s Place, the police and the District Attorney’s office, and the Human Rights Commissions. 

  • In cases of sexual harassment or hate incidents in the workplace, we will identify the problem  following the EEOC guidelines and create a safety plan (a suspension or possible separation while the investigation is taking place; the Town currently does not have such a policy).

  • We will insist on accountability. In my administration, we will have a clear, published policy, with a specific timeline for responding to a complaint, and clear rules for what happens to the person accused prior to the outcome Tasha speaking in front of Irvington Town Hall with BLM signdetermination.  Right now, we have no policy on time, so victims have waited in limbo for over a year after filing a complaint in Greenburgh.

  • We will work with the men and women in law enforcement both at the Town and County level to create more public safety for more of Greenburgh’s residents, particularly for Black, Indigenous, people of color, AAPI, LGBTQ+ persons,  and undocumented immigrants.

  • Police reform will be considered as a part of public safety. To me, police reform in Greenburgh would be coordinated response units with the County’s departments of the Office for the Aging, Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, and substance abuse resources. It would look like Greenburgh’s police and courts working with the District Attorney’s alternatives to incarceration programs and also implementing her impermissible considerations approach to arrests.  DA Mimi Rocah has a platform that mitigates profiling based on race.  These are next level law enforcement measures that mitigate the harm and danger to Black lives.


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