Special Edition of The People Before Politics Radio Show – The Greenburgh Housing Crisis

Black Westchester received a letter to the editor that alleged Seniors being displaced. We received several calls and emails from residents for about three weeks about the situation, mostly in support of the allegations in the letter asking me to help shed light on what’s going. Then we started receiving emails from the Executive Director of the Greenburgh Housing Authority (GHA) Raju Abraham and received links to a video of a meeting where members of the GHA stating the letter to the editor was full of misrepresentation of the facts. We received calls about residents being silent when trying to speak up including a senior or two. So after many calls for Black Westchester to look into what’s really going on we scheduled a special edition our weekly talk radio show, People Before Politics.

Tasha has been very active in working to fix this situation; listen to what she has to say on this vital broadcast!


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