Tasha Young's Statement on Edgemont Incorporation

The NYS assembly bill has been gutted, and whether or not it is remedied or the NYS Senate bill passes, these bills represent, at best, a slow moving, stopgap fix to an immediate problem. The incorporation movement is a result of 30 years of poor planning, the waste of nearly $30 million of taxpayers’ money from our budget, a town government that is unresponsive on the macro level, and unprofessional feuding with constituents and other lawmakers.

Supervisor Feiner tells a story of a Greenburgh facing division, a tale of winners taking the ball and leaving losers behind.

It’s a story that discounts the agency of Fairview residents who deserve urban planning that fosters their prosperity, not just survival; it’s a story that discounts Edgemont residents who seek incorporation out of desperation as their only solution for a Town Hall that ignores their needs. It’s a zero sum story that comes true when leadership lacks vision, seeing and sustaining only a continued pattern of dependency of one part of Greenburgh on another, decade after decade. And a consequence of this story being told today, is that there may be concern and indecision among the people of Fairview and their votes will be suppressed.

In reality, Greenburgh faces unity: unification behind one need for a new Supervisor who understands that we don’t have to sacrifice one group for another. She will do the hard work of listening to all the communities, giving them a real say, and help them negotiate the competing interests between and within communities. She will focus on boosting the economy in each unique region of unincorporated Greenburgh, from the Central Ave. corridors to the food desert in Fairview, to boost local hiring, bring more revenue into the TDYCC community center, and broaden the commercial tax base, so that residents no longer fear a loss of services. In this process of listening to and actively responding to local community needs, the people of Edgemont will find themselves with greater self-determination on zoning and the cultural events they crave, all from within the Town government. Increasing financial equity and reducing fiscal waste across Greenburgh will also ease the burdens of everyone in Greenburgh, leading to a virtuous cycle. 

Candidate Tasha D. Young does not support incorporation, and she believes that the current Supervisor’s behaviors have largely created this division. Rather than place our hopes on elaborate and possibly doomed schemes to change state law, she urges voters to choose the quick yet effective method of changing Supervisors starting next week, voting June 12 to June 22. Greenburgh needs relief from the years of division, distracting conflict and expensive lawsuits.

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