“Our economy is changing, progressing toward green energy and jobs, and our residents have been missing out.  Grants to incubate green jobs and environmental justice have been available from the state for at least a decade, and we need to bring this money to Greenburgh”

In my view, increasing environmental sustainability is both a primary goal and an opportunity to boost economic growth.  I will seek and obtain rebates for residents, and help local businesses and unions apply for state grants on vehicle engine upgrades, solar power, wind, and tidal energy, green jobs and jobs training. We will simplify and publicize the process so all residents have access to these economic advantages. 

To date, the green innovations in the town have been volunteer led and as such have been small scale and inadequately funded by the town.  We will build on these grassroots efforts by taking actions that only Town government can provide:

  • retrofit all town buildings, as well as all state and federally owned public and subsidized housing for green energy replacement.  

  • All companies doing business in the town should be vetted regarding the use of green energy alternatives, and the information should be public.

  • We will replicate the Obama Administration's policy of giving cash or purchase credits to help people replace older vehicles.

  • Work with car dealerships on a rebate for fuel injection engines for battery operated cars

  • The leaf blower controversy is currently framed in a way that unnecessarily pits landscapers against residents. We can work with  landscapers, who are small local firms employing immigrants and low income workers, to apply for state industry grants that incentivize them to update their equipment and business models to alternatives that are more climate friendly, health friendly, and neighbor friendly.


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