Tasha Young's position on Tyler Technologies and tax Assessments

FlyingLogos image from Wikimedia Commons. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.enMy point-of-view is two-fold:

1) We need to hold our contractors accountable. Yes, we need tax assessments, but when Tyler (the contractor) makes mistakes, there is no accountability or review. Our Town should have negotiated a contract that requires an annual disclosure of Tyler's errors, and an explanation of the causes, along with a remedy of the algorithms, all of which should be shared with the public. Then we can measure with data whether errors are reduced the following year. Right now, this review/accountability process is not required or even requested by the Town.

2) There is an equity issue here: Higher-value homes receive more marketing requests from companies seeking to grieve taxed and take a commission on their success. Lower-value homes do not obtain these marketing requests so those residents have to use their own time and effort to grieve on their own taxes (and it is a difficult process), and pay for an appraisal. This is highly inequitable. In addition, Tyler pays nothing when a homeowner successfully grieves. So even the higher-value homeowners have to pay out-of-pocket commission to the grievance company, and some residents hire a company and had to spend their time and money to grieve, and that's not fair either.

So much can be done if we create goals of accountability and equity and then re-negotiate contracts with those values in mind. I'm ready on Day 1 to implement these changes.

Election Day is Tuesday, June 22. Early voting is already happening. www.votetasha.com/vote for voting locations.


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