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Vote for Tasha on Row A

Row 3A on some ballots


Election Day: Tuesday, June 22, 2021. That is the last day of voting. The location is different from the early voting locations... click the blue button below to find your voting location.

VOTING HOURS on Election Day: 6AM - 9PM

Vote by absentee ballot:  You can only apply for a ballot in person at the White Plains Board of Elections now; you can send an authorized representative to drop off your application, pick up your ballot, then drop it off. If you will be voting by absentee, click on the red button below to learn how to vote by mail, or the purple button to apply for a ballot. 


Check your voter registration status here

Check your Election Day (June 22) polling place

Direct link to the Vote By Mail application form (fill this out TODAY)

How to Register to Vote or Change Voter Address


Please be advised that you need to be a registered Democrat in Greenburgh to vote in this primary election for Tasha. If you are not a registered Democrat you are still welcomed to volunteer for Tasha's campaign


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Voting Information